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12 May 2012

Promises promises

Wrote a little while back that I'd show my small painted Guard section and to be honest, forgot just how small the amount of painted figs were. But here they are regardless. Hope you like. They are the troops of a personal army belonging to a Rogue Trader of House Draquon. As well as the stuff pictured below, I also have about 7 or 8 infantry, veteran and/or heavy squads of both Rogue Trader plastic Guard and metal and plastic Squat models. I used the idea that the Trader Prince had rescued the dwarf contingent from a Tyranid threatened base during the Squad purge. So lots not pictured below. One day I'll look into buying them a tank or two. :)

Also there is a small WIP of what I've been adding a little lick of paint too for my =][=munda project.

Commander Isiah Tholme, Pay Master Scheiner (Commissar) and Gorrt, Mutant Standard Bearer and Trusted Protector of the Lord Trader Draquon's family crest. The Commander will probably end up being a 3rd Pay Master.

Armaud Destrierre, trusted Astropath on board the Lord Draquon's trading vessel,  Sergeant Lorch, overseer of the Beastmen Penitents and Ukko, Gretchin member of the Ratling sniper squad.

This squad was my tester squad for the Burgundy and cream scheme. I like it as it seemed the kind of thing a showy Rogue Trader would have his ship bound troops wear.

Squat command group with unpainted beastmen penitents in background. Squats will be stripped and repainted as they have a 14-year-old-me paintjob right now. :)

Trying to fit these Grotz in the list. Was thinking some sort of veterans or bodyguards to the Rogue Trader.

Creed model is my Rogue Trader along with his Command group. The two "white" no arms figs will be removed I think and added to a normal infantry squad so I can fit in the above Grotz. The Fleet advisor will be stripped also in order to be painted in the correct colours.

Washed out pic of (Left to right) Ratlings snipers, 2nd Platoon command, Catachan squad who will be painted as ship's hands and the start of another infantry squad.

Why so much infantry? Well, fair question, seeing as how tanks are the thing right now with Guard. but I always LOVED seeing pics of the masses of RT guard marching across a battlefield with titans in the background and little else to help them aside from their numbers. So I always wanted a Guard force made in such a way. All praise the meat grinder!

Lastly a wee WIP of what I've been painting of late. (Commissions aside.)


  1. Wow, beautiful work! Where on earth did you get plastic RT Guard from? I love the colour scheme too, really stands out as being a private army rather than regular troops.

    And tanks are good for Guard, but you're right there's nothing quite like firing lines of endless troops...

  2. Love how much thought is going into this lot!!
    That beastman carrying the RT's family crest is a really nice touch.

  3. @ Sonsoftaurus - thanks mate, lots more to come.

    @ Col Scipio - :) I've had those RT guard since I was a child. Bit of a pack rat where my hobby is concerned.

    @ Tony - Always been a fan of Beastmen in Army service to atone for their sin of being a "mutant". Pretty rubbish that GW got rid of that particular flavourful touch.

  4. That's quite a diverse lot you have there. I love the inclusion of other demi-human races in your warband as a throw-back to classic times. Great stuff. :)

  5. @ Warhammer39999 - appreciate the kind words. As far as I'm concerned, the galaxy is too big a place for the Imperium to be so short sighted as to not see the worth in throwing mutants under the treads of enemy tanks to further slow them down. :)