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06 May 2012

He Ain't Heavy

Brother Thelonius - a kindly looking, bearded man of enormous proportions for his species (He is about 6'8" and weighs nigh on 400lbs) is the keeper of the Emperor's word within the Countess' Cell. Beneath that portly jovial exterior is a soul dark and bitter for all the evils it has had to withstand and destroy. One minute a kindly blessing for the lowly servants of the Imperium, the next burning those same souls for fear of their being tainted by those unspeakable horrors who none speak of in his presence.

(I've been dealing with a lot of real life pish tosh of late, hence the lack of posts - so much easier to just read everyone else's blogs during moments like that. Anyhow - This one had a load of detail to get creative with colour-wise. A little frustrating to be honest. Tried my hand at the black and yellow striping on his chainsword, my first attempt, looks okay for that I think. I tried to show a little of the "deranged zealot" about this fellow also by painting one eye open, the other closed. Not sure I've conveyed what I'm on about though... My editing program is rubbish, so please forgive the washed out colours - looks far better in person.)

A small bonus to this post - I've bee working a little more on this Xenos chap. Has been lots of fun to paint and I am excited as he's almost done. 


  1. Wow. These look great.

    The big beefy guy is clearly ready to get medieval on someone's ass. Really great pose.

    Did you scratch build the Xenos guy's head?

  2. Nope, this is a Reaper Mini's fig, a mind flayer/Illithid. Felt it'd make a cool Xenos Psyker or Cult leader.