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16 November 2016

Comrade! (Part 15)

This weekend I was lucky enough to have the house to myself for an extended period of time. I watched Grosse Point Blank, the second season of Dark Matter and finished off my GAZ-67 jeep and GAZ-6 truck for my 28mm Soviets.

Keeping with the Winter theme I've attempted a whitewash effort and applied a similar mud/snow effect as shown previously on my BA-64 to make sure they matched. In all honesty, my mud effect is painstakingly long to apply and by the time I'd gotten to putting the snow on, I was out of patience with the whole process and so apologise that these two don't look as good as they could or should.

Wanted the Whitewash to look like it was hastily slapped on with some sort of locally sources household paint. 

Left the windows without snow effects - it's a clear-skies kind of day I guess.

Trying to spread the textured stuff and then paint it brown during the muddying step in all those wheel arches and nooks and crannies almost killed my desire to paint for the res of the year!

Overhead shot to show the truck bed - kept it deliberately simple so that minis placed in there won'd bugger up the work.

GAZ-67 jeep knock-off was a cool little motor. The Soviets didn't actually make that many of them cos the Yanks had sent a massive amount of regular Jeeps through Lend Lease. Still, I like how chunky it looks in comparison to the Western version. (Driver here with gloves painted on as it's obviously cold as heck driving open-topped int he snow!)

I tried unsuccessfully multiple times to cut out some clear plastic to fit in the window frames, but the frame is pretty damned flimsy (It arrived folded three ways! >_<) so just imagine that this fellow drives with his eyes open against the frosty breezes.

The snow gathers even in the back seat. Wet trousers for whoever decides to plonk their derriers in the rear.

I also got started on my Maxim Medium Machine Gun team. This is another Warlord Games set, though not at all up to the standard of their other metal sculpts. The details are so soft (!!!) that I'll have to get rather creative during the detailing phase. As well, base coated my tank with Soviet Green so that I can slap on Winter Whitewash.

Still lots to do, but Base colours and initial wash are done. Next up are the fun parts.

With my transport vehicles done and the soontobe finished (above) MMG team painted up, that'll leave only my T34/85, ZIS-3 Divisional artillery gun and mounted Tank Rider marker to paint up and then call my 1000 point WW2 Soviet list fully painted! Pretty excited to be honest. :)

Used up a 3MMRPC Joker during their Halloween sale (They advertised their WW2 Soviet line 40% off) and purchased a squad of Soviet Scouts to add a fourth infantry option for my army. I really like these SMG armed sculpts as they are all in full hooded overalls. This means I'll be able to paint them up all white and test out a new White painting recipe I have in mind. Something for after I finish the main list.



  1. They look great to me! I often find that snow effects don't really look very snow-like but yours looks perfect!

  2. I think you're doing your snow/mud effects a great disservice Dai. They look absolutely terrific to me!! Your MMM gun crew are coming on great guns too :-)

    1. You're very kind Simon. One more vehicle to apply them to so hopefully they'll grow on me by then!

  3. Ditto all the above Dai. Your apologies for these paint jobs is akin to Doc Brown telling Marty McFly to "please excuse the crudity of this model." The snow and mud f/x are top notch, and loads of nice little touches, the splashes of rust in the front grille of the truck being but one.

  4. Lovely work, all around - good stuff, man!

  5. Winter is coming!
    One of the best frozen weathering I ever seen.
    Great work Dai!

    1. You are being too kind Michal.... Thankyou!

  6. Great looking vehicles and the mg is looking good, who was lady penelopes driver in thunderbirds and did he start out in the Soviet army?
    Best Iain

    1. I believe that is the exact start in his backstory! :)

      Cheers Iain!

  7. From one Welshman to another Dai, your winter effects are very effective.

  8. I like the weathering you've done. Looks good to me.