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16 February 2016

Comrade! (Part 2)

Back from my far too short visit to family in the UK and I think, am over the jetlag, finally.

(Never took this long before - I must be getting old.)

Got two more Soviet troops painted up for my Bolt Action army. Holding back on the snow basing until I have a bunch to dress up at once as the recipe is greedy on ingredients and I don't want to waste any.

My first Greatcoat paintjob. Might be a bit of a dark-grey for historical accuracy's sake, but I like it. Future ones will be an assortment of shades (And brown ones too) to show a bit more of an outfit that's been around  and also seen replacements come in with newer uniforms, etc. The Greatcoat fellow is armed with a rifle carbine which I thought looked pretty cool.

Rear view shows off the classic warm boot covers on the left fig. I am sure his mate in the quilted uniform is jealous as hell.

Also slapped some paint on a Reaper Bones Wolf from their Animal Companions set and three other metal Wolves from an older Reaper minis pack. I'll be using these in my Frostgrave games and also rpg sessions.

Quick and dirty paint jobs. Scheme is based off Northwestern wolf pictures from the internet. Wanted a black wolf too for the pack leader so used a random image I found on the net for that too.

All of these sculpts were really nicely done and the Reaper Bones plastic wolf fitted in just nicely with the metal wolves.

Wolf bums. 

I also got some work done on my 15mm corn field stands for my ACW project. Loads more to go before they are presentable, but they should look pretty darn good once finished. Though looking at how much space they cover, I fear I'll have to pick up another set for a better looking table once me and Stew are finally able to get playing.

Lastly, got a couple turns in with my boy in our first Frostgrave game! So far, his Skaven have already retrieved one treasure token and I've taken out his Crossbowman. It's been fun though and he seems to be enjoying himself too, so here's hoping it'll inspire him to try other games in the future!


  1. "Slapped some paint on a Reaper Bones Wolf..." - Well those are some seriously impressive quick and dirty paint-jobs Dai. I love 'em!! Its clear I'm going to have to invest in one of those "Warlord" Winter Soviet boxes too at some point damn you!! :-) You make them look so very much better than Warlord's piccies of the models.

    1. Better than the studio pics? Goodness, you must be barmy mate. O_o

      And when I say "quick", I mean painted during 4 episodes of Band of Brothers. So... 45 mins to an hour each? Not sure that's quick or not.

      Regardless, thankyou everso much!

  2. Nicely done, the faces on the Russians are superb, the chap running looks like he may have been on the potato vodka!

    1. I suspect you might be right! Still, stands to reason when it's so darn cold! :) Cheers Michael!

  3. Cracking commies Dai. Love those quilted jackets and ushanka hats. The wolfpack looks well tidy!
    Enjoy the game on the weekend?

    1. Diolch Bob!

      Edge of the seat stuff, yeah. I think Ireland were our trickiest opponent. I hope we win our remaining games though, else we can call this tournament a miss. Again.

  4. The wolves are looking sharp. I like the grey fellows better than their kin....hard to say why. Maybe they got some drybrushing to liven them up?

    1. Yeah, I really wanted the black one to be soot black, so hardly highlighted at all. Looks fine in person - these pics and lighting aren't helping much.

      Cheers Dave.

  5. Looking good Dai! Dig the wolves.