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25 January 2016

Scenic Ruins I

This weekend allowed me time to work on a scenery piece. I realised that all the work I'd been doing on minis is great and all, but counts for naught if the terrain they're playing on looks like turd in contrast.

These are some "Administration Ruins" by Tectonic Craft Studios that I picked up when they ran their Kickstarter 3-4 years ago or some such.  Nicely designed for a mdf piece and went together relatively simply. Painting too forever though and I am now wondering if I might have made my job easier should I have used my airbrush instead? (I tend to feel like I spend more time cleaning the bloody thing than painting!)

It'll make for some appropriate ruins for my Frostgrave games and also rpg sessions if I can fit it into the setting somehow.

Tried to give the impression that one side of the ruins sees the sun, this side not so much. Grass is barer over here and moss/green slime grows here and there.

This is the sunny side - flowers and bushes abound. 

Lazily painted tile to contrast from an all grey alternative result. Looks good enough for gaming.

Dark and grimy in there. Am sure it's where zombies live.

And here's my Forstgrave warband with a scenic picture behind.  
Next up, hopefully the remainder of my 1st ACW Confederate infantry regiment. The 15mm Bolt Action game got cancelled and I don't see me being able to play until mid-Feb now as I'm soon to be off on a visit back home to the UK to see my ailing Gran, which I'm a bit trebidatious about as it'll almost certainly be the last time I get to see her in person.