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05 January 2016

-2015 +2016

Been seeing some great recaps for last year on people's blogs, so thought I'd offer a brief one of my own with some flimsy plans for the future year ahead.

Right now, my hobby room is in a mess as I am switching it all around so I'll be able to paint standing up. It's a pain in the rump, but it's coming along okay so far - I think. Needless to say, no painting has occurred since my last post.

Christmas was kind to me, with some new brushes, 28mm scale trees, Warlord Games Soviet Flame Thrower and Light Mortar teams, and the "Dragons Don't Share 2" set by Reaper Miniatures (Perfect terrain pieces for Frostgrave.). My family and I had a pleasant holidays in general and I've made my first proper "New Years Resolution" in a very long time - to lose my gut - this will be some undertaking as I like a drink and dislike exercise both in equal amounts. But I'm sick of seeing the baby-weight, so I'm feeling very much resolved on this. Wish me luck.

Hobby-wise, 2015 saw quite a lot of stuff get done, far more than I had first thought.

1. I worked on some Robotech Veritechs until the GM got bored and we stopped playing the rpg.

2. Got some 15mm Pioneers and their transports finished for my WW2 Canadians.

3. Almost got my WW2 Mid War North Africa British Motor Company fully painted. Almost.

4. Got started on my huge rpg miniatures backlog for my (still) upcoming roleplay campaign.
5. Also got me started painting more of the rpg miniatures once I picked up a copy of Frostgrave.

6. Started up a 15mm Confederates American Civil War project.

7. Got a good 1/4 of the Units finished for my Dark Ages Lion Rampant (Saxons v Vikings) game

8. And did some Star Wars: Armada repaints.

All in all, not so bad at all really.

For 2016, I'm going to try and be a little more focused in order to finish up some of the above projects and buy (Wait for it.............................................) no more minis until I am done. Dun, dun duuuuuun!

Here are what I have planned for this year:

1.       Bolt Action 28mm Soviets
a.       3x Infantry squads of at least 10 men each
b.      Officer and sidekick
c.       Sniper Team
d.      Medic
e.      Forward Arti Observer
f.        AT Gun Team
g.       2” Mortar Team
h.      Flame Thrower Team
i.         MMG Team
j.        Medium Mortar Team
k.       ZIS-3 AT Gun team
l.         BA64 Armoured Car
m.    T34/85 Tank

2.       Chain of Command 15mm British (I played this last year for the first time.)
a.       Officer + Platoon Sgt
b.      3x Infantry squads (10 men each)
c.       2” Mortar Team
d.      Piat AT Team
e.      Artillery Observer

3.       Dark Ages – Lion Rampant
a.       2x Viking Warriors (Bondi) Units (12 men each)
b.      2x Saxon Warriors (Ceorls) Units (12 men each)
c.       1x Saxon Slingers Unit (12 men)

4.       American Civil War – Confederates 15mm
a.       5x Infantry Regiments (30 Men each)

5.       Frostgrave 28mm fantasy skirmish
a.       Finish up Enchanter Warband
b.      Finish up Witch warband
c.       Paint Elementalist and Apprentice
d.      Paint Summoner and Apprentice
e.      Paint 30+ remaining soldiers of various types
f.        Paint worm, Giants, Wolves

6.       Flames of War Commonwealth
a.       Umpteen LW tanks
b.      Two LW Artillery platoons + AOP plane
c.       MW Desert Brits Motor Infantry platoon + trucks
d.      MW outstanding Trucks and jeeps

e.      Bunch of other random stuff that I’ll get to if the mood takes.

Also have all sorts of terrain pieces that will work with all of the above to get painted and a few to be purchased - though those won't count against my "No buying" limit. I'm also looking at my options to buy a new gaming mat as my current model train grass-paper is getting all messed up.

I think I'll maybe get ... some of this stuff completed during this year. The 28mm Bolt Action Soviets are my primary though for now, as Densmol has started working on his Germans for this game and I'm eager to start playing something new for WW2. And, we can't play with unpainted minis - it just isn't proper.

Cheers for reading and I promise there'll be pictures of painted things next post.


  1. Great posting Dai, with plenty of stuff on the horizon to keep your loyal followers entertained :-) I'm particularly interested in the "Bolt Action" Soviets as I too received some for Christmas, and may now dip my toe in that particular ocean. Many thanks for all your posts (and comments on my blog) over the past twelve months!!

    1. Wow, that's so very kind of you to say! Thankyou ever so much.

      My Soviets are winter themed which will be new for me as I've never attempted a winter project!

  2. Is the standing painting related to 'more exercise' or is it a back issue (or general better health thing)?

    That's an impressive list for your projects. I fear to do something like that myself. *sigh*. All the best on the projects!

    1. The standing is in regard to chronic neck pain I've attained through sitting at a desk for work for 9 of the 10 years I've been at my job. Painting crouched over a desk doesn't help either. Heh. I have a standing desk at work that has helped immensely there and am hoping one at home will do similarly for my hobby.

      Thanks mate, always a pleasure.

  3. Great output and ambitions ! I can only wish you to fullfill as much as possible !
    (I'm a massive One punch man fan)

    1. Much appreciated sir.

      (I am a big fan of the anime. So much so, I'm planning a cosplay later this year. )

  4. A good 2015 and some lofty goals for 2016! Good luck!

    1. Thanks muchly mate - we'll see how long this enthusiasm lasts this time, eh? :)

  5. Well done with 2015 and good luck with 2016. We have a similar goal outside of our hobby, which I also think will be the toughest; I've just joined the gym and haven't had a beer yet this year....

    1. Toughest for sure.... I think I might add small updates on this topic in my posts, just for motivation's sake.

      Thanks mate.

  6. Nice summary and good luck with reducing the drinking and increasing the exercise it will worth it in the end i'm sure.

    Painting standing up?

    Nice plans for 2016 looking forward to seeing these projects come to life. I to hope to make a good dent in the lead mountain this year.

    1. Painting standing up - my wife surprised me yesterday by setting it all up for me whilst I was at work, so I got to test it out last night. Not such a shock as I stand up at work at my standing desk there, but painting wasn't so hard. My lighting situation will have to change though, as my lamps are not tall enough now!

      Thanks for the encouragement and kind words Simon!

  7. Looking forward to a Zzzzz style progress report in June.

  8. Good stuff, man. Now I'm off to start my own post reviewing 2015!

    1. Thanks mate - Looking forward to perusing your own!