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18 August 2015

Last But One

This is the penultimate Hirdman from my Viking faction and my favourite sculpt by Gripping Beast. He just looks tough and certainly not a bloke to mess with.

Pics were taken before I hit him with DullCote and sorted that bend in his spear.

Close up of his face and his eyes that look rather good if I do say so myself!
I wanted him to stand out from his brothers, some and tried to give him some interesting trousers and a traditional (At least the internet[s] says so.) viking shield design in yellow and black.

Also took time to put together my Bolt Action T34/85 and ZIS-3 Divisional Gun. The plastic tank went together like a dream, the anti-tank-gun not so. I had to walk away from my work table two nights in a row due to frustration at the shitty online instructions and crappy fitted pieces. In the end I just jury-rigged the thing and to hell with it. It'll look fine once painted up and sat behind a wall shooting Krauts.

Some gunnery officers included for scale. Was going to purchase all my tanks at 1/48th scale because they look better next to 28mm troops, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on the Warlord 1/56th tank. Plans for some tank rider figs and stowage pieces are in the mix.

This gun really did put me through my paces. Looks nice all set up though and should be a breeze to paint. Green + green + more green.

Just one more Hirdman to go and I'll be claiming a Joker earned between these 12 Hirdmen and the 12 Saxon Thegns I've painted already. Then it's on to some regular foot soldiers for my Saxons (Ceorls) and Vikings (Bondi), which I will not be putting half as much energy into in an effort to get them done quicker.


  1. Looking solid, you're making me want to buy some Saga!

    1. You should mate. I think you'd paint them up a treat!


  2. Good work. Congrats on the joker earned! You should put up a group shot of them!

    1. Thanks mate - once the last one is done, you can be sure there'll be a group shot!

  3. Very tasty indeed, good job :)