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03 August 2015

Bland and Bright

Got inspired after attending a tiny Con here in Sac at Randy's House of Games; a small gaming shop with a large warehouse-sized gaming area. Lots of historical games and about 80-100 attendees from what I could tell. Not bad for a 1st years outing. Whilst there, my mate Stew ran a fun 4-man game of Lion Rampant using his Saxons and Vikings and so the inspiration to paint these two.

No eyes on the left as his helmet was so low into his face. Chap on the right is wild eyed and beardless, so I like to think this is his first proper raid.

Lefty is short as far as the others in the range go. I'm cool with this as not all men are equal in size. I felt he would combat this shortcoming by wearing some bright colours. In contrast, longshanks on the right is dressed in some pretty bland colours and a rather fresh looking sheepskin cloak.

Am now working on the last four Hirdmen to make two complete 6 man units. Then it's on to the Bondi (Regular warriors)!

This week I've mostly been working on the Bolt Action Winter Soviet infantry that arrived super fast from Warlord Games. Really good sculpts with lots of variation available in poses and different heads. Just a shame there are mold-lines aplenty that have taken me a fething long time to get rid of. Good thing this is a slow burner project and I've no rush to get them done. (Have also been eyeing a cheeky 1:48 scale Soviet BA-64 Armoured Car to join them too...)

The second month of the 6MMRPC is over and I have to admit, July was a bit pants on the output side of things. A mere five 28mm Dark Ages miniatures, an rpg Bard and Troglodyte Gladiator.
Seven is actually bloody awful considering I added 40 28mm plastic Soviet soldiers. Heh. O well, new month, better progress.
Just the one chart to show my July progress.


  1. Lovely figures and great paint job!

  2. Hey, it's still progress !

  3. They look lovely, Dai. You did a fine job on the sheepskin cloak, and I really really like the wood of the shields. Looks like those shields were pilfered from some long lost Roman legion.
    I am sure that Shortie will do fine on his first outing.
    Russians and a BA-64 -- sexy!

    1. I think the shields we're indeed pilfered. Who from tho is anyone's guess. At least they are still serviceable.
      Cheers Mike.