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11 August 2015

6MMRPC Week 9 Report

Forgive the uninspiring title...

Finished a solitary Viking Hirdman. This fellow is all armoured up and ready to rumble. Looks like he’s wearing spoils of war as his gear doesn’t seem to be what I’d recognize as traditionally Viking-ish?

Gold helmet just to break up all those metals and to make him look like he's earned his treasures!

Very simple freehand on the hems of his tunic, I like the colours though. Complimentary of each other.
Also finished another couple of bases worth of my reviled Confederate cavalry. Only two more to go and then I can base the Regiment en masse and move on to some Infantry.

The rest of the time was spent putting more 28mm WW2 Soviets together. I now have enough for a full Infantry squad, plus a Lieutenant and sniper team. Also I guess I have burned through all my jokers for the challenge and now have the remainder of a full 1000 point Bolt Action force sat waiting to be gotten to, including one of these!

The BA-64 Armoured Car was a dinky thing and I was worried about scale issues when I first pulled this lump of resin from it's packaging, but after some research on the internet(s), it seems it's supposed to be flippin tiny. The commander piece in the turret is from the T34/85 tank kit that also arrived and is now being  put together. (He seems to be making a gun sign with his right hand which I find amusing. Perhaps a fan of Bill Cody?)


  1. Great work on that viking - looks splendid!

  2. Haha. Yes, that BA64 is a bit of a clown car, isn't it?
    The viking fellow looks great. I agree it's not particularly Viking-ish, spoils of war indeed. Not that he needs anything done to him, but if you were unhappy once he's beside some other vikings, you could try to stretch your free handing and make some more complex viking like needle work on his clothing. I find I suck at doing stuff like that, but you seem to have a dab hand based on some of your other figs.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Dave. I do intend to go back and add more detail once I've gotten all the men painted up for my Dark Ages, but that won't be for a long time....

  3. Loving the micro-armoured car.

    1. It will strike terror into the hearts of all clowns and midgets alike!