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20 July 2015

6MMRPC Week 6 report

Well, there went another week and nothing got done. Damned worst flu in 10 years ran through my poor guts and I was out of action for most of this week.

Did manage to get a lick of paint on a couple more vikings, but nothing worth crowing over.

Hopefully this week will prove different?

(O and Denmol is coming over tomorrow for my 1st game of Flames of War in yonks [A late-Late-War affair], so expect an AAR soon!)

What type is this MG?


  1. It's a French WW1 Heavy MG - Hotchkiss Mle 1914. They were used in WW2 during the invasion of France and by some Free French and Vichy French units afterwards. They could use long belts but normally used short clips, like the Japanese Nambu. It was a weird round size as well, 8mm.

    1. And I hope your feeling better!

    2. Thanks Jamie. Strange looking gun for sure. Looks like something my son would have designed.

  2. Yar - Hotchkiss. Not bad (hideously over complex or unreliable), just not as good as more famous things.

    Good to hear from you, even if your world is squirting out of your orifices.

  3. Hope you have managed to beat the flu now and your hobby time is returning.