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10 July 2015

6MMRPC Week 5 Report

Swift one as there wasn't all that much accomplished this week.

Got a bit more done on the cursed 15mm Confederate cavalry. Only 6 more of these to finish up before I can get basing sorted and call them done. Finally. :)

Speaking of ACW, I've been reading through Sam Mustafa's "Longstreet" American Civil War gaming rules (After reading through the multiple AAR's that the Madpadre has posted up on his blog) and I'm liking what I see. Kind of excited to get a campaign going using the rules from the book - means I need to get painting grey uniforms quicksmart though!

Also started painting a female Barbarian setting Bard mini for my upcoming rpg campaign. In true Frazetta style, she seems to have forgotten about the prospect of Winter, or even a stiff breeze and so is yet another lesson in "painting skin".

And that's it. Bit rubbish after the frenzied work sessions of my first month, but there ya go. Ebbs and flows and all that.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Brits winning the Battle of Britain. Makes me think of my Grandfather (Though his RAF exploits were in the Middle East during this period) and offer thanks to all those brave men and women who were part of the massive undertaking to combat the Luftwaffe's attempt to pummel my home country into submission. Makes me feel like I need to paint up a Spitfire sometime soon. :)

Lastly, sad news as an old favourite of mine, Actor Omar Sharif passed away at a respectable 83 years old. There are many films in my list of favourites that would not have been so beloved were he not there to add his flair.

Let's see if I can't get some more work done for week 6.


  1. Interest....I managed to make some progress on my cursed cavalry as well. It has led into 'basing hell' though. Boo. Looking forward to seeing some of your ACW figs.

    1. Dunno what it is about these cavalry that annoy me so... Ah well, little by little they are getting closer to done and then I can move on to something far more interesting. :)

  2. Sad to see the 'burnout' tag: Nil desperandum, eh?

    1. A week's burnout, nothing big. I got better!