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20 April 2015

Interlude (Part 9)

Not much going on over here due to health issues. (again)

I did manage to get a game in with my mate Stewart of Hail Ceasar to help him prepare to demo the game at KublaCon in May. He used Dark Ages vikings and Saxons for the units, but the game was just fine regardless.

The rule as a whole were fun, lots of pushing units back and forth during combat and trying ones best to batter them down until they run away. Only thing I thought was a bit lacking was there was no removal of casualties (A whole movement tray is removed once a threshold was reached) so really the use of minis in this game wasn't even strictly required.

The two forces face off. The upper Saxons had hanged the Viking' Lord's son and revenge was required to be meted out!

Skirmishers on the left sent some helpful arrows at advancing Saxons but ultimately dissipated in a red mist once drawn into real-men's combat.

My dice were not with me this day and so the rest of my left flank ran off in the same way my Skirmishers had done previously.

On the right I was doing better, though there was a LOT of stubborn defense on both sides. 

The Viking Lord at the back of my men I think died twice in this game..... Oof. 

In the end the Saxons brushed the Viking nuisance away and the day was there's.

So after this game I was all hyped up on Dark Ages gaming and decided that I wanted my own collection to be able to play, though far smaller in scale than what you see in the above pictures. Something closer to Saga or Lion Rampant skirmish games - so I bought an OOP Gripping Beast Jomsviking 6 point starter set off Ebay on the cheap. Yep, the paint mountain just grew by 37 more warriors.... ~_~

A pic of all of them - each sculpt individual and minimal mold lines (Which I was overjoyed at) during basing. Only gripes about these figs is that I had to drill holes through their fists to be able to put spears in their hands and that their spears are cast in white metal, not more durable brass rod.
My friend and I both got cheap copies of the new Star Wars: Armada capital ships battles game starter set. More my style than X-Wing as it appeals more to my megalomaniac side. So once we get the basic game down, expect some batreps in the near future.

Lastly, for those who made it this far, to recuperate the hit my bank account took buying these latest purchases, I have some of my old Warhammer 40K 1980's Imperial Guard and Squats up for auction on Ebay. Feel free to jump onboard and help me keep my wife happy! :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new stuff take shape Dai.

    1. Thanks Jamie. Just waiting for my painting mo-jo to return....

  2. I'm in the same boat as you, Dai. I threw a bunch of stuff up on eBay so I could possibly buy into SW: Armada. I've held off so far, but it's tough. I did break down and buy a lot of cheap Kensei Samurai figs, 31 28mm figs for $100. If they ever release a Japanese faction for SAGA, I'm set.

    1. Now I need to research what Dark Ages era Japanese warriors looked like!

  3. Selling the stunted ones? Crumbs!

    When you post Armada batreps, do be gentle on those of use who haven't understood it yet, won't you?

    1. Actually mate, Armada plays similarly (Though different enough) to X-Wing, so it shouldn't be too hard to follow for those not initiated. ;)

      Yep, selling mini's (Some I've owned since I was 12 or 13 O_o) that have sat unpainted for years is hard to do, but nice to get them out of the house and off the paint-queue. Saying that, I've since bought a Dark Ages Anglo-Saxon force to face my vikings..... so maybe not so good afterall.