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06 April 2015

And now for something completely different...

Sometime later this year I plan to run the 4th Chapter in my roleplay group's long running Barbarian rpg (Using the Pathfinder rules set). It all started with fellow group member Frank having a hankering to get in some Conan/Frazetta-esque type escapades for a few game sessions that turned into a campaign. We then played something else that escapes my memory and he ran Chapter 2 in the same setting, only with younger characters (Mine was the son of my original character.) in a modified version of the Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign. Once we finished off that part, then Gregg took the helm and swung the whole story away from the Kingmaker campaign and sent us into an equally exciting storyline with invading forces from the East and betrayals at the highest echelons of society.

Now in my own campaign, I intend to fast forward the storyline once more by 30 or so years and set it in a part of the Kingmaker map that had yet to be explored. For this, there will be many miniatures required (Because fights in rpg's this day and age are easier to keep track of that way) for npc's, bad guys and also the player characters (That I intend to pre-generate to keep them in line with my planned story.) and that means I get to make an earnest effort into chipping away at the unpainted mountain.

For starters, here are some Goblins and Hobgoblins. I'm not that much of a fan of the green-skin look to my Goblinoids, so I went with an older orange and brown (Respectively) colour for these.

Gob's in the front rank, Hob's in the rear. (Don't read too deeply into that)

Goblins are from an 1980's TSR Monster Tribes set put out for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

I tried to make all the fur look like it's the pelt from some sort of spotted predator.

The Hobgoblins are a mix of actual Hobgob's from the same boxed set and some 1987 Ral Partha (I think) Orcs. They were all similar in size so I felt they could all mix in quite easily.

To show they are from the same unit as the Goblins, these have the same Red shields with Crescent/Spot designs clumsily slapped on. Hashuuk the White Crescent is their boss and will feature in a later post.
Whilst I was working on the above, my son was doing his usual and working wonders with Fimo, creating this Plague Bearer to look like the old 80's/90's  style. :)

Also, yesterday I finally bashed out these two Ruins terrain pieces for my 15mm wargames!

Excuse the ugly burner things - these pics were taken late last night and the cooker hadn't been properly cleaned.


  1. Great post Dai and those "TSR" Goblins sure do bring back some memories... back when catalogues contained sketches of the models I believe. I don't though remember using my plasticine to make intestines and guts :-) Lovely 15mm buildings btw... I trust no-one turned the gas on whilst they were precariously balanced on top of the hob?

    1. Cheers mate!
      Yeah, my Mum would have balked at me using plasticine in the same way. But then, I never had a Dad who owned GW Nurgle figs! :)

      No ruins were harmed int he taking of these photos!

  2. Wow! Amazing stuff, love the color schemes, very professionally done, esp. theo the set too. Your son will be sculpting his own figs in no time I think!

    1. Appreciate the kind words sir. The oldies are most definitely the goodies in a new world of mostly souless CAD designed sculpts.

      I hope he does - figs on the cheap for his old man in that case! :)

  3. Looking good man, I'm working on some Goblins myself!

    1. Thanks Rich. For tabletop wargames or rpg?

  4. I may have to look up some old minis. Jus' sayin'.

  5. What a brilliant plaguebearer!

    Does this mean I'm NOT the only modeller who still uses Fimo? Is it even still made? My stock is at least 20 years old...

    1. Still about, still going strong.

      I'll tell my son you liked him. :)