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23 February 2015

Rapid Fire! (8th Army Heavy Machine Gun Platoon)

Here is my Heavy Machine Gun platoon for my Desert Brits. They painted up smoothly and look pretty good, though I am not happy at all with the lack of different poses within the sculpts for this unit.

They also have trucks to roll about in, but I've decided to leave painting any and all transport vehicles for this force to last thing and concentrate on getting all my infantry and gun teams painted first so I’ll (Hopefully) have everything I need to play ready for the next tournament on 14th March.

It's pretty sparse out in the Sahara. Except for a leaking oil drum, apparently.

The "51's" on the back will help tell them (Mainly the Command team) apart from other infantry stands during games. It'll also help tell which trucks they are supposed to mount up in as their trucks will get the same numbered markings.

Closeup of the leaky oil drum. Effect was just extra superglue to look like the oil has pooled in the sand and then gloss varnished after paint and dullcoat.
So now 5 platoons down and only 3 to go until my army is ready! Next up are my 6-pounder Portee Anti-tank trucks. Cool models, but lots of work as I have to paint both a "mounted" and dismounted version for each gun! To make this easier and less work, I have magnetised the guns and trucks and the bases so that all I'll have to do is pick up the gun from the truck when dismounted and plonk it on a base instead! Genius if you ask me. Right, right? Anyone? Beuller?

Here's where I'm at so far - the guns themselves are done (Aside from a little weathering to come.). 
The guns were since completed since this picture was taken.
And last news for this post is that my Reaper Bones II kickstarter stuff arrived! (Like I needed more models to add to my paint queue.....) From some Hill Giants, to a cool arse dragon, a HUGE mealy-worm-thing and a sweet Gelatinous Cube - I am super happy with what I got and am already devising uses for all these minis in a D&D campaign I've been putting together for my rpg group. 

Water Elementals, a Succubus warrior, Grim Reaper-type fellow and some other wee slimes round out my haul. Once I'm done painting all my Flames of War Desert Brits I'm planning to take a break from 15mm and get some of my huge amount of Fantasy and Sci-fi minis finished!


  1. Love the painting, and my oh my the Bones stuff has bloody loads of potential!

  2. Thanks mate - yeah I can't wait to get painting on them. Once these Desert Brits are done - it's on!

  3. I see what you mean about the poses. I mentioned this in an email to Battlefront once (more specifically that 25pdr and 4.2" mortar loaders are the same!) and all I got was a curt acknowledgement.

    Love the oil drum, and using the vehicle markings for the bases is just genius!

    1. thanks mate, but me and freehand....

      have you seen their new jordanian artillery crew? same sculpts as the ones you listed! not very impressive...