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09 February 2015

King Force (Part 2 - Two down and something in the air)

More for my Desert Brits – a second King Force Churchill tank and an RAF Hurricane Mk iiB (This one sports Machine Guns and Bombs ingame, but I left the bombs off the model as I felt they made it look too clunky.).

The plane was loads of fun to paint and took me far less time than I’d at first anticipated. The only time swallowing aspect of it all were the decals. They were obviously quite old and so took yonks to lift off from the paper. Regardless, they went on well and after a coat of first gloss, then matt varnish, I have my air cover.

Painted the canopy-glass up to match the windows and lights of the rest of the force. I think the light blue makes for a good spot colour on the desert browns and tans.

The Hurricane certainly struts an impressive sleek profile.

Ready to rake infantry positions with those MG's!

Now I'm really gunning to pick up a Spitfire in the same scale!

Not sure the camo scheme is historic, but it'll do.

The Churchill is more of the same from my last post, except this one has different stowage across it’s rear quarters. Again, fun to paint and only the weathering to be done that I’ll get to once all three tanks are finished.

Dust Dodger on this one looks better than the previous.

The blue/black breath mint tin that I had been using to prop my mini's upon for pictures has perished. Instead, a static grass container has stepped up to fill the void. Interesting eh?

Am super excited to get to field these in game!

Churchill's rump. So to speak.

An idea of what exactly I added. This one is stowage-light but I think still looks good.

After I finished up the Hurricane, I then went on to start on the Heavy Machine Gun platoon for my desert Brits. Not much to show so far, just helmets, boots and socks done so far, but I hope to have these boys finished up (Along with their truck transports) by the weekend. 


  1. I quite like the window effect on the hurricane. I also like the transition from the black to the tan on the tanks, is this a normal part of the camo, or is a result of how you paint it, or.....?

    Seems like you are gathering a decent horde of British FOW stuff. You should probably do up a group shot at some point.

    1. The transition from the dark (Actually a very dark green) to the sand colour is more my slap-dash application of a brown wash over the green camo to give it more depth. The over-run into the sand areas creates the "transition" and is quite unintentional, though rather welcome regardless.

      Group shot incoming!

  2. Lovely work on the plane. I always anticipate them to be a real pain to paint, but it's never as bad as I think. Decals are a different story though! I second the idea of a group shot :-)

    1. Thanks Paul. I'm a cheapscate and haven't bought any sort of setting agent or anything for decals, instead relying in good old fashioned tap water. Am sure it'd be a much easier time of it for me were I to attempt the decals otherwise.

      Two shouts for group shot, perhaps tonight?

  3. The Hurri has to be one of my all time fave aircraft. Always was more a Hurri person than a Spitfire person. Although the 20mm cannon on yours make me think it's a IIC model rather than a IIB?

    Churchill looks great, I just put my first Crocodile together last night. Now remembering what a bugger the battlefront ones are to assemble!

    1. Yeah, the actual kit provided by BF only offers to mount the 4x 20mm or a pair of 40mm cannons. No "regular" iiB 4x Machine Guns, or at least the one I got didn't offer it. Either way, it'll work for either and indeed will represent either when I make my many lists for North Africa.

      Oof! Those BF Churchills are a pig to put together... Add in those Croc Trailers and the headaches truly ensue.

    2. Tin Hatter got there before me with the spotting. Likewise, I'm more of a Hurricane chap. Love 'em; just love 'em, and this oe looks cracking! I'm thinking of getting a Kittyhawk for my eventual desert Brits...

      I spent some time yesterday just driving slowly back and forth with my tongue lolling out at the Crocodile guarding the D_Day Museum in Portsmouth, Lovely!

  4. Lovely work on the Churchills. Great job on the Hurricane too, I think the scheme looks excellent!

    PSC Churchills are awesome kits.