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12 January 2014

by Request

Admiral Drax, this one's for you mate.

As requested, my painted guard figures all in one post.

These are from a Rogue Trader's retinue, traveling about the dodgy parts of the galaxy, searching for new planets to claim in the name of profit and the God Emperor, and so forth.

Grand High Commander - Plutarco Etcheverria de Dios Otero Antormarchi and his motley retinue.

Chosen men with their long las' rifles, Bombardier General Horatio Vanderbilt and one of the 'Trader's Gretchin bodyguard.

Ship's Captain Gulliver Bevingham-Nixon and Navigator Armaud Destrierre strut their stuff on the right flank.

Trader Prince surrounded by trusted subordinates.

Sergeant Lorch, Overseer of the Mutant Penitents squad

Commander Isiah Tholme and Pay Master (Commissar) Scheiner of Platoon Command Squad #1

Squad #1 of 1st Platoon. (2-3 more of these in the pipeline)
Lieutenant Sayyid and his band of misfit Mercs take care of a lot of questionable duties that no regular trooper in his right mind would accept.

A wee diorama:

On the now re-discovered planet Oso XII, the Lord Trader wishes to investigate the possibility that ancient artifacts may well remain in the ruins left behind. 1st Squad of the household guard is sent to safeguard the area of the ruined mission.

Sergeant Coomes sends his squad inside.

Commander Tholme watches on, eager to get off this graveyard world and back into the comfort of his barracks. Pay Master Scheiner looks on to make sure all is carried out according to doctrine.

Meanwhile, in a small administrative ruin, self-styled Lieutenant Sayyid  and his band of mercenaries secure  their objective.

"All clear!"
Watching the treeline from the 2nd floor.

Not everyone is busy, Corporal Cointreau takes the opportunity to smoke a quick Iho-stick whilst others of his squad move supplies and ammo in from their lander.

Everything seems to be going as it should.

The area designated safe, the Lord Trader himself prepares to enter the ruined Mission building to seek the artifact, flanked by loyal Gretchin bodyguards and his faithful mutant standard bearer.

Overseer Lorch and his Mutants are fully trusted by the Lord Trader. Here he organises a patrol.

The Chosen men are ready with their sniper weaponry, scanning about for any threat that might pop it's head out.

Ship's Captain Bevingham-Nixon and Bombardier General Vanderbilt attends the affair, hoping to be amongst the first to set eyes upon any discovered treasures.

With bodyguards in tow, the Lord Trader sets about his self appointed sacred duty......

Little does the landing party realise, but they are being watched!

Skirmishers move in from hidden foxholes!

Airborne units alight upon the higher reaches from the skies!

Stealth units materialise from the shadows!
I wonder what will happen next!? Feel free to finish the story in a comment or some such. :)

Lastly, I think the Librarian commission is done!

 Per usual, the client prefers to do his own basing, which suits me fine. I hope he likes what he sees. I've not yet given it a coat of flat varnish in case he requests any changes be made.


  1. A post of epic proportions! Some lovely models there, that post is getting saved in favourites, I'm going to keep coming back to this. The High Commander is a favourite, as is the classic Cadian sergeant with binoculars.

    I have to say I think Capt Bevingham-Nixon will end up buying a farm - that'll teach him to go on planetside reconnaissance missions! Shame though that would be, I love the choice of purple for the uniform.

    1. Thanks sir. Took some time to put together, but I think it's a fun one for sure.

      All that gold braiding and powdered face just screams to be shot at yes. :)

  2. It is great seeing this force again. They are just awesome. My favourite character is Captain Gulliver Bevingham-Nixon. The purple jacket and green hear very well may have inspired the creation of my major-general and command squad. Also that commissar (Pay Master Scheiner) really took my eye with the touch of gold complementing the standard red and black. I may have to play with that idea when I paint up my commissars.
    Cool story by the way. I think the group may be in a little trouble...

    1. Appreciated Col. After getting such high praise on the Captain, I may well look in to putting together a few more ship's bridge crew for fun.

      (Another Pay Master is in the works - watch this space.)

  3. Replies
    1. Cheer Tony, thanks for stopping by.

  4. What an uber post, I'm still recovering from all the goodness. Bloody love that Rogue Trader's Retinue, characterful, nicely painted, and spot on all round. Fantastic stuff - and those black and white report style photos work really nicely indeed

    1. Glad you think so Kieran. It's the wonderful photos you and Ed put up that gave me incentive to make that little bit more effort here.

  5. Mate.

    Oh Mate.

    What an amazing post, and what an amazing collection of Guard!

    So characterful! So interesting and different! So enjayably photographed!

    Just brilliant. I would be so damned proud of this, were it mine!


    - Drax.

    PS: Sorry for the delay: my previous two viewings of this post have both been on my mobile phone, and it woudn't let me comment for some reason...

    1. Heh, good. Glad it did the job.

      (I also have issues trying to comment on blogger via my phone. Such a pain in the arse....)

  6. How kool is all that ? Love it all.