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18 September 2013

Humber Recce Platoon - WIP (Part 2)

These fellows are almost done. I went back on what I declared regarding stowage, they just looked too plain with out any pieces. I still kept it minimal though, not at all like the pictures I've found on the net of similar recce vehicles all laden down with boxes and tarps, etc. I also decided to add some to the universal carrier that I use as Patrol leader to differentiate him from the others.

Carriers seen here with some lovely .50cals to chew up those pesky German 1/2-tracks. The one in the middle has the stowage, tarp on it's flank as seen and oil drum on it's rear. The tarp piece was from the Open Fire Shermans sprues.

With Allied stars stuck on top of the Humbers so some Tiffie doesn't think to confuse them with Hun vehicles, all that's left to do on these chaps is to get unit marking decals (Ordered as you read this.) and they are ready to throw into combat. One issue I'm having is which markings would be the correct ones? The 4th Canadian Army have the Humber Armoured Car option on both the Rifles and Armoured lists, yet my research online has not shown the 4th Canadian using Humbers at all during the Holland operations (Training in England prior to D-Day, yes, hence why I've already painted the black square with 47, though that'll be painted over by the time this is posted.), whereas Staghounds seem to be their Armoured Car of choice. So I'm thinking that I'll have to make this from the lot 12th Manitoba Dragoons that weren't Division specific as far as I can tell and so may well have run with the 4th Canadians.
(Feel free to correct me on this as I'd rather get it right.)

 These are going to be the last units I do for my Late War collections for a bit as I've a new project to get on with, my first Mid-War specific list. With the November tournament being Mid-War and the recent release of the updated Mid-War Brits in Italy lists, I've decided to throw together as much stuff as I already own (Keeping things affordable) to make a company for the tourney. So I've made an 8th Army Motored Infantry list. All I've got to get are transport vehicles and I'll have everything I need - not bad for a completely new army. (I will cheat on the carrier patrols though and use the two I've already got painted up, even though they are marked for Guards and Canadian.... To be replaced at a later date.)

This is my list. I think it'll do poorly as British mechanised companies are not lauded at all for their abilities to win, but I aim to try to prove that wrong! :)

 So along with the commissions I am supposed to already be working on, that's a little less than two months to get most of an army painted. I reckon I can do it. :)


  1. These are sooo groovy! "12th Manitoba Dragoons weren't Division specific... I think" arr, the bane of historical war gaming!

  2. Nice work, man - I dig how those are turning out!

  3. Looking good! Where did you get the decals from?

  4. @Col. Ackland - tell me about it. Maybe I shouldn't care, but I'll get picked up on it at my next tournament for certain, so need to get it right I guess. :)

    @Mord 7th - Thankyou sir.

    @MTH - Cheers mate. Decals are from the British LW Decals pack# BR946. Mine came with my Guards Armoured Recce Company box, but you can buy it separately. Your better bet if you want just the Invasion stars is to go through He sells sheets of the things so you don't have to mess about with having decals you'll never use.

  5. I've got nearly all my stuff from Doms (a small pile of decal sheets at this point) - I just wondered as the BF stuff looks a bit bigger? I looked at some of the BF decals a few months ago and I thought they looked almost 20mm scale.

    They look good on the models though, nice and clear. I like the aerials on the recce carriers. I just put 1 aerial on my command carriers and 2 on my FOO's. But I might borrow your idea and have one on all my recce carriers as well. What do you use for them? I found fishing wire works really well and it's flexible too.

  6. Well this is my first foray into 15mm scale decals so I wouldn't know! Heh. But my order from Dom's should arrive in the next week or so, so I'll let you know if I see any difference in scale.

    The aeriels are made from the bristles from a dustpan n brush set, though a more pricey one so they are much thinner than yer typical bristle and so more appropriate.

  7. These look bloody lovely sir, in terms of the level of detail they certainly don't look like 15mm - very impressive

  8. @ Headologist - Kind of you to say so sir. The detail really shows off best on vehicles; the infantry tend though to suffer from pumpkin head syndrome in contrast. :/