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05 September 2013

Humber Recce Platoon - WIP (Part 1)

Whilst waiting for Total War: Rome2 to install on my PC (Yet to play mind.), I decided in between glasses of wine to slap some paint on my next platoon for my Canadians.

Offering more options for reconnaissance in my lists, the Recce Armoured Car platoon is a fun option to stick in 3 Humber III’s and 2 Humber III LRC’s with option to add up to two Universal Carrier Patrols. So potentially 3 Recce platoons all in one slot – not bad.

I do love my Universal Carriers and find it hard not to hum the Benny Hill theme tune as I move them about on the table, but one of my favourite units in the British/Commonwealth arsenal are the Armoured Cars. They are only marginally better armed than a Carrier, but being wheeled they can hustle way faster about the board, especially on roads. Only poor side of them is that being wheeled means that in any rough terrain slows them to a horrible 4” a turn! (Last tournament I played in, I was stuck on a snow table and my poor 6pdr Portee trucks were next to useless as the whole board was snow! >_< )

So base coat of Russian Uniform Green done on all 5 vehicles. Next up, I’ll take care of the wheels, stowage and other details. I am not all that fond of over-the-top stowage on tanks, feeling that the lines of the tank are lost amongst all the jumble of canvases, etc. So these may seem a little stowage light to most eyes - matter or preference really.

 These were super fast to paint, so I'm hoping I'll have them done and dusted by Sunday. Though a trip to the movies tonight for the new Riddick flick and Game Night with my rpg mates tomorrow night might make that deadline a little tricky to meet. We'll see! (At the very least I'll be painting as I watch my Raiders get creamed by the Colts on Sunday. O dear, a Brit who's into NFL - whatever next?)


  1. You'll n'er get owt finished if you persist with yer social life.

  2. Looking good, and don't worry, sure your Raiders will end up knocking those dastardly Colts for six, and you can declare for an early tea.