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24 April 2013

Support is Important

Quick update to show recent progress.

Finished my Vickers Heavy Machine Gun platoon. In the future I'd like to include some HMG Carriers for them. (These sculpts are by Forged in Battle. Okay details, though somewhat blocky and chunkier than Battlefront's.)

And Admiral Drax was asking for some better pics of my Heavy Mortars. These are Battlefront's own Brits in Italy sculpts. I like them lots due to their lack of jackets and sleeves rolled up. Nice details.

Not Hobby News would have me playing some 2000 point games against Luke on my new larger dining room table (72"x40" - so almost the right size). There are still a lot of rules we aren't 100% sure about, but we're having fun. (And I'm still unbeaten!)


  1. Sweet!

    Thanks for the pics. I didn't relise the were the Italian theatre versions.

    I really like those HMGs too. Next on my list - if ever I get any mre disposable income - is either a 3" mortar platoon or the HMGs.

    The mortars I reckon would be super useful - plus I can field them with my 4.2" mortars (unlike the HMGs, which'd be an either/or choice).

    On the flipside of that though, the HMGs'd be an AWFUL lot quicker and less fiddly to paint!

  2. 3" mortars are super useful mate. It's generally the norm to take them as minimum units and use them primarily to drop smoke bombardments to cover your force advances. They also now (I believe) have direct fire, so they are handy at adding extra hits against an assault.

    The HMG's were indeed easy to paint. Just the low number of figs helped this, but they are also pretty simple sculpts too.