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03 April 2013


Poor poor neglected blog. Has it been 2 months since I've seen to you? Well, I'm a firm believer that one should not attempt something if one's heart is not fully into it, so, I didn't. But I'm back again now and whilst there have been no hobby updates of late, there has been work done on the hobby front in general.

First off, I am painting furiously again for an upcoming Flames of War tournament on Sunday at ConQuestSac - 2000points of mainly armour (Max of 500 points able to be spent on other stuff.), so I've made a list from the Market Garden book, 11th Armoured that includes no fewer than ten 17pdr guns. German armour is going to die, hard. :) Along with a tank paint-fest for this, I've also finished up my 6 pdr platoon and Lloyd Carriers and a Hawker Typhoon. Pics to come very soon

Sad face all around as my Mum’s all too short visit from the UK is done with and she’s now in Las Vegas on the next leg of her journey. Good thing about Mum coming over though is that she usually brings some of my old minis that were stored in her loft! (Apparently there's still a bunch to send over - including a 1st Gen Leman Russ painted horribly, 1st Ed Dark Elf BB team and 2nd Ed Orc BB team and a bunch of other crap I haven't seen in yonks. But those are for another time.)

So here’s the haul:

1. My old Orlock gang and Necromunda Bounty Hunter. These will be useful for some Inquisimunda creations I have in mind.

 photo SAM_0589_zpsa87f8e8c.jpg

2. Yes it’s true, your eyes do not deceive you….. for one reason or another, I bought Harlequins back when they were first released. *le sigh* I’ll probably shove these up on Ebay and see what I can get.

 photo SAM_0590_zps957c795f.jpg

3. #2 of my Chainsaw Warriors… holy heck my painting was shite back then. Again, he’ll probably become part of some Inquisimunda project.

 photo SAM_0592_zps41137b10.jpg

4. Something far more tasty – some old Chaos Thugs and Dwarves. These are some seriously cool and characterful minis. I might have to roll up a 2nd Chaos Warband and include them somehow!

 photo SAM_0593_zpsc82d9336.jpg

5. Beastmen, Marauder on the left and early Citidel on the right, again, for potential future warband.

 photo SAM_0594_zps09ccdb1c.jpg

6. Drybrush city! I really liked this version of the Slaaneshi daemons. Not at all svelt and alluring as their current incarnation, maybe why I liked them so much? :)

 photo SAM_0595_zps20df1b29.jpg

7. Stupid Highelf mage. Another one for the Ebay slaughter…

 photo SAM_0596_zps24f1d42a.jpg

8. Super cool orc model. Tres old and full of character. Excited to paint him up just for the hell of it.

 photo SAM_0597_zpsab016880.jpg

9. The one fig I was most excited to find, I’ll strip this old Marauder Warrior and use him as my Chaos Champ in my current warband I think.

 photo SAM_0598_zpsd577dcba.jpg

10. Some old school Citadel Norse fellows. I shall name them Cass, Thrasher, Erik and Snolb.

 photo SAM_0599_zps70dcc834.jpg

11. This fig was just a cool buy back when I found him in an old LGS. No idea who published the sculpt, but it is such a cool post apoc image, I’m dead excited to strip and repaint him.

 photo SAM_0600_zps0ac75c1d.jpg

12. Lastly, there were some ziplock bags of a tonne of bits, mostly RBT01 marines, but there’s a few hidden gems in there that I’ll look into at a later date. Most of this will be put together and sold on Ebay.

 photo SAM_0601_zps43a6eaf6.jpg


  1. Nice! There's some excellent blast from the past minis. Especially dig the Confrontation ganger in the first pic. No school like the old school! :)

  2. Before you post them on Ebay, shoot me a quote for those Harlequins. I've got a use for them!

  3. Thanks Mord! He's one of my fav's too.

    -Mark, am sorry mate, but they were taken off my hands almost as I posted this up. :(

  4. Awesome collection! Some truly retro stuff there! Hopefully some of them get a second life :)