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27 September 2016

Comrade! (Part 12 - Tank Riders Squad)

As promised:

Here’s the Tank Riders squad from my Bolt Action Soviets, as mentioned in my last post the squad has been bumped up to 10-men to include a Light Machine-Gun and required loader person, all the other squad members are veterans with SMG's (Small Machine Guns). 

Here they are in all of their warm and woolen finery. Pretty happy with how they turned out.

Rumbling up on the back of a tank, these guys will hopefully jump into the grill of their enemy to provide a great assaulting option ingame.

Army list entry from Easyarmy Bolt Action army builder.

Them on the right and the Squad Lance Sergeant bare-headed leading the way.

Better look at the back row. 

Them on the left. 2nd from left is actually the metal sculpt from the Flamethrower team previously previewed.

Intended to get started painting on the 3rd and final infantry squad of my army last night, got out the green to start on the helmets, which of course was unbeknownst to me clogged and consequently spooged all over the place. So as not to waste the precious paint I proceeded to paint the helmets as planned, then base coat the Gaz-67 (Russian Jeep), Maxim Machine Gun, ZIS-6 truck and ZIS-3 Anti-tank gun. Amazing how far some spilled paint will go! 

Forgot to bring out my freshly painted Mortar team spotter when taking the pics above, so will give him his own post in a couple days.


  1. They look crackin' all together like that.

  2. Really great looking unit! Fantastic work sir!

  3. Good stuff. My favorites are the follicly challenged Sgt. and the guy with the overcoat and fur cap on the right. I hate that when a clogged dropper then purges itself. I tend to have a lot of gushing issues when I bring paints on the plane. The first time I use them after flying the paint won't stop coming out. Usually I don't have anyway to use the excess paint.

    1. The Sergeant has got to be a bit of a nutter in my mind. (They all are considering they ride about on the back of tanks!)

      Those changes in altitude mess up my toothpaste and so forth every time. Makes sense paint would likewise be affected.

  4. Great looking unit, glad the paint issue got resolved, got to love the bare headed sargent.
    Best Iain

  5. Nice looking squad. Really like the pose's you've done like there just leaping up and charging.

  6. This plastic kit has been fin to work with. Trying to keep all the figs as individual as possible is important to me to keep my interest too!

  7. Gorgeous, mate - especially the variety!