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29 April 2016


Paul, owner of Rotten Factory Miniatures has today started up his own Kickstarter type campaign on the Polish site

*click the blow image to get to the wspieram campaign*


I've been following the progress of the WIP's for his sculpts on the forums and have eagerly awaited the chance to be able to put some $$$ into this project to help him get these mass produced and to be able to paint some up for my own collection!

His vision for these sculpts is a GW Nurgle-type, diseased fantasy warriors style, but more finely detailed, more grown up, not over the top gore and goo - and what he's created so far is fantastic imo.

Help the feller out and put some cash in to help him make his dream of getting his sculpts produced!


  1. Those are nice, I'd like to see what he'd do with a Slaaneshi type theme :)

    1. He's really very good and seems a pretty solid chap to boot.

      I should ask him if he'd be interested in branching out to another god... hrm...

  2. Those are very interesting, very nice.

    1. That's why I felt he needed a little more exposure. Stressful things those Kickstarter-type affairs.