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06 October 2015

Zomtober - Week 1

As with last year's 6MMRPChallenge, this one also includes a month of October long section called Zomtober where those in the challenge (And others who just want to.) paint up and post up zombies from their collections.

My first week's post should have gone up this last weekend, but I was painting an ACW Confederate Artillery battery and starting on an Infantry regiment to support them, not even remembering I have zombie-responsibilities otherwise!

My intention was to work on some Redboxgames "lesser infernals" (Zombies) but my order has yet to arrive, so, I finally picked up a long neglected Sedition Wars fig and went to work on a sci-fi zed-head instead.

Yellow skin for a change, contrasting well I think with the red-orange torn overalls.

As you can see, mold lines untouched. This is due to these figs being made in Restic, which is a nightmare to work with and so I saved myself a big headache and just painted it up as is.

One thing Sedition Wars did was produce some super nice bases for their game. Paints up very easily and looks great with simple washes.

This bloke really looks a lot more intimidating than his ingame abilities would otherwise attest to. :)
More Zombies for Week 2 should be posted up this long holiday weekend!

Also don't forget my still running 200th Post Competition that's running until the end of the month!


  1. Nice, I've got a couple of them tucked away for conversions that might see the light of day this month!
    Plus, I'm glad to see in not the only one posting his week one fig today!

    1. Heh - yeah, but I'll catch up, just watch!

      Cheers mate!

  2. Wow, that is a disgusting lump of flesh.

  3. Looks good.

    I have the box set too. The mild lines are terrible. I cleaned this model and still found more mold lines when I primed it.

    1. Exactly. Hence why I didn't even bother to try.

  4. Nice work Dai butt. Great to see you on the Zombtober train, the more the merrier. Leave a comment on Brummies Wargaming Blog, you'll be on the "official" list and a lot bloody easier to find.

    1. I'll be doing just that then boyo! Diolch!