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02 June 2015

From Rorke's Drift he came... (Part 2 - Done!) [And a load of other stuff] 6MMRPC

This is the first official posting for the 6MMRPC for me! Let's see if I can keep up this momentum. 

Okay, got this African style warrior done. Decided on a tiger-skin type effect for his shield. He'll be from my own fantasy setting in the rpg I'll be running and... well, I like tigers better than lions, so why not, eh?

I tried to add the club in with the club-head (Knobkerrie for those wondering - thanks Drax) above his fist, but the sculpt just didn't have room, so he's holding it head-down. Once that javelin/spear has been chucked, it'll be easier to swing from a down position that way in my mind anyhow.

Standard simple basing to match my other rpg mini's. Just wish I'd had a better base (Rounder?) for him prior to painting, but I was worried about removing him from this one as the lead is old and brittle enough as it is.

His eyes got a little more work done. Not perfect, but they at least look the same direction and not look like a Japanese anime character.

This is My Saxon Lord for my 2nd Dark Ages faction. He's a lovely command sculpt by Blacktreedesign that fits in perfectly with their Hearthguard range (More on those in a later post).

I wanted him to stand out from the Viking Lord and so gave him a grey beard and mustard coloured cloak.

The cloak got a simple cheeky edging design. Nothing special and highlighted rather harshly - but it looks good on the tabletop and that's the look I was after.

Finally found a properjob use for the flowers scenics I bought yonks ago.

He's heavily armoured for the period, though I'm surprised he cheaped out on a full mail shirt and instead chose a chain-mail t-shirt.

Close up of his face. Those eyes are set so far back into the helmet they wre a right pig to get to, so whilst close inspection shows them as being rather clumsily painted, from arm's length they are just fine.

I also sorted out some basing materials for my dismounted Confederate Cavalry. The bannerman will get his flag after I have the other regiments painted up.

The mounted versions of the cavalry. I was painting the horses and trying to pick enough varying horse colours. I have come to the conclusion that painting 15mm horses is rubbish.

Did I mention "other regiments"? Why yes I did. A VERY kind friend (Stewart - Who consequently was the bugger that got me started on this ACW lark) sent me a very kind care package with enough backs of Cenfederate infantry to make 5 regiments and a bunch of generals. I was very humbled by his generosity. I am also a bit miffed that my paint queue just got 100+ 15mm infantrymen bigger! I've already sorted all these into their respective units and with the odds and sods random loose infantry I already owned have 4x 10-stand regiments and 1x 8-stand queued up. Thankfully this project is not at all a rush job as Stewart is expecting his second daughter and so won't be able to game for who-knows-how-long. Regardless, BIG heaps of thanks go out to him!


  1. Nice work on the shield tiger print. Looks quite fine. Again, I'm really digging the freehand details you've done. The cloak edging looks wonderful.

    1. Cheers Dave. The more I keep adding some to my models, the better I'll get. Or at least that's the theory?

  2. I'm with daveb - brilliant stuff!

    (nice flowers, too)

    1. Man, those flowers really do make the mini.... :P

  3. Ok, now I'm going to have to try tiger skin at some point on some model. It looks great! And I love the Saxon lord!

    1. Do it! I'm sure there's an opportunity within your unpainted mountain to give it a go.

      Thanks sir

  4. Good stuff! Nice to see someone else working on the Zulu Wars and the ACW!

    1. Sadly only this one Zulu-type fig in my collection, so not really any Wars sotospeak.

      But ACW, yes, plenty. (Though after seeing your ACW unpainted mound.... perhaps not that large a project in the scheme of things?)

  5. Esp liking the flowers.