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14 May 2015

Preparation for the Challenge

As with the last 6MMRPC, I plan to use (And actually follow through updating as I go.) some handy Draxian charts to keep track of my individual projects. There may or may not be one or two more of these to follow dependent on how much stuff I get completed during these next six months.

#1. The remaining Motor Platoon and it's trucks along with the Light Mortar stand of the 1st Motor Platoon and the trucks for the HMG platoon of my Flames of War desert still need finishing.

#2. After playing a small game with them (And having a blast), I realised I would really like to play my British Cromwells fully painted perhaps at a future tourney. They will be Welsh Guards Armoured Recce.

The Cromwells are all to the right of this pic. The rest of the contents of the shelves are sundry Flames of War models, some fantasy daemons, old 40K sculpts I don't want to get rid of and a Reaper Bones dragon that I'm very excited to get started on!

#3. So yeah, Dark Ages and my primary paint focus, my Jomsvikings. These really can be used as regular vikings too. I still need to order some archers but otherwise am happy playing smaller games of Lion Rampant for now.

Gripping Beast Jomsvikings from their old "6-Point" army boxed set. All metal and no doubles of sculpts - lovely.

#4. Vikings gotta raid, right? And who better than dirty Anglo-Saxons? These are mostly the contents of the Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages Warriors boxed set with metal Thegn sculpts by Black Tree Design.

Lighting for this pic was horrid, but as it's just to show the unpainted models, it'll do. Yes, washers for bases.
Not a bad list for starters eh? Lots more (Of course) in the pile that needs my attention, including these (That will be getting lots of mates to support later this year.) ACW cavalry and some RedBoxGames Barbarians that I Kickstarted. And of course the many many random rpg minis that are sat waiting for me to get to.

Getting ready to utter a Rebel Yell!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of stuff to paint! Good luck!

  2. Looking good man! Drax's charts are such a great way to keep on top of the collection.

    I definitely think you ought to find a way to include that dragon in the force, right? :)

    1. Yes they are. :)

      O, have no fear, he'll be painted up alright, just for my rpg campaign as final boss... *don't tell my players, ssshhh*

  3. No happiness without order! Very methodical, and looking good as always too. Particularly those Rebs!

    1. Thankee good sir!

      If it's not orderly, then it's chaos and I can't work in that space.

  4. Excellent organization as per is is sir! Black Tree does some very nice stuff, and the GB plastics are sooooo economical :-)

    1. Cheers!

      It'll all look good enough to lay out on a table and impress my friends. :)