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10 June 2014

Hiatus and the World Cup

Though not extended by any means. (I know my posts have gotten further and further apart in frequency.)

We are soon to take a family trip to Panama to commemorate mine and my wife's 10th year anniversary.

I'll try to remember to take and post pictures, but I'll make no promises.

Stay safe, stay well and let's all celebrate as Italy lift the World Cup trophy for a 5th time! ^_^

The lat time Italy won, 2006. I hung out of my car (As my wife drove) in the streets of Sacramento with my Italy flag on a broomstick, honking the horn. I was the only one, because I live in the USA. :)


"Why does Dai, "the Brit" support the Italian football team????"

Because I was originally born in Monza, Italy many moons ago. I've always supported Italy in international football competitions and Wales (Where I mostly grew up and went to school, etc) in rugby matches. I could go on to mention my Greek heritage via my Grandmother who is from Athens and my American from my other Grandmother, but that's a story for... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I'm basically a Heinz57 mutt, through and through. Hence why I'm so pretty and have an amazing immune system.)


  1. Well let's face it, you wouldn't get very far supporting Italy in rubgy, would you? ;-) (I'm Welsh by the way...)

  2. What I know about the World Cup you could write on the back of a postage stamp (I haven't followed footie, as it happens, since Italia '90), but enjoy your holiday!

  3. By the way, in case any of your stateside friends are wondering, this is John Oliver at his best at balancing a love of football against a profound hatred of FIFA...:

  4. Dai - apropos of something totally different, I just found your comment on my blog asking if that Italieri bridge would work for 20mm or 15mm. The answer is yes. If you go back and find it on my blog, the horse figures riding across it in the one picture are 28mm and they look fine. Cheers, M