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17 October 2013

2 years

It went by and I didn't even realise but on the 11th this blog turned 2!

That I'm posting on a semi-regular basis is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

It's been about the most productive year in my hobby's existence. Since beginning my collection for Flames of War 11 months ago, I've gotten a load done for that 15mm madness and also a little GamesWorkshop stuff too. (Well, a lot for me in any case.)

Just to re-cap, (Mostly for me really.), I managed to completely paint:

1. For my 15mm WW2 British Commonwealth

2x Infantry HQ stands plus a Command Character stand
2x Stands of Snipers
2x Full Infantry Platoons
1x Platoon of 6-pounderAT guns
1x Platoon of 6-pounder AT Portees
1x Full Platoon of Heavy Mortars
1x Full Platoon of regular Mortars
1x Full HMG Platoon
2x Platoons of 4 Sherman/Firefly tanks
2x HQ Sherman tanks
1x Armoured Car Platoon
2x Universal Carrier Patrols
1x Full Platoon of Canadian Land Mattresses
1x Hawker Typhoon aircraft
1x Staff team for my still primed 25pdrs
2x 15CWT lorries
2x Jeeps
4x Loyd Carriers
4x Random other Universal Carriers

With all this, I can field two whole Flames of War forces at the same time. I guess I could even count that as being fully painted twice over? That's a flippin' first for me. :) I've still plenty left though to get done and a nasty habit of shinies-itis (Recently picked up some 15mm dogs that me and Densmol are planning to split for extra fun pieces to further differentiate command teams, etc.). I'm still putting together a diagram/list thing to show what is painted and what's yet to be tackled for all this. (And it's not pretty....)

2. For my other projects

1x Dreamforge Eisenkern Kickstarter Special Ada
Rogue Trader Company Command Squad and Commander Creed
Random super-heroine for a Charity thing
Custom Herald of Nurgle
... And a bunch of Fantasy or Sci-fi stuff put together or sat primed. Which I guess shouldn't be on this list really afterall. :)

Have to say, that's a longer list altogether than I was expecting.

Thanks goes out to all you chaps and chapesses who have supported my efforts and offered encouragement and kind words on my work. Your own blogs are an inspiration to me and a large part of what keeps me going in this hobby. Let's see if I can keep this going for a 3rd year.


  1. Nice! Happy (blog) birthday, man!

  2. Happy blogday ! It's always good to make a list of achievements.

  3. Keep up the good work!

    And maybe paint some Infinity ;)

  4. Holy smokes!

    Congraulations and very happy birthday, mate!

  5. Cheers all, appreciate the kind words!

  6. A belated happy birthday sir, that's a fair amount you've done in that time