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30 August 2013

Treleaven and the Sneakies

Title sounds like a bad 60's children's program.(Next door neighbours to the Wombles perhaps?)

Last night finished up basing two of my sniper teams and a few touch ups on my Captain John Treleaven warrior team.

Being only 6 infantry and some scenery pieces, these were done in record time.

Excited to try out the snipers, though at 50 points each, I completely agree with the general consensus that they are W-A-Y over priced for what they do. regardless, they'll add something new and fun to my casual games.

Captain John Treleaven is a British warrior team from the D-Day landings book and can be used instead of an infantry platoon commander and offers some nice abilities for a low cost, list depending. (He can be used  for any of the Rifle or Assault lists in Overlord - not bad.) Best thing about Captain John is his mini - by itself it's a cool little scene of him supporting his downed superior officer (Who has a lovely large 'tache, though the pics fail to show it - sorry.) who has obviously fallen afoul of some blast and is crawling from under some rubble.

Next up is my first sniper team who are looking about for a better position to take their pin-point shots from. I've tried to make it look like this team is a dawn/dusk specialist and blacked out their faces for extra camo.

2nd Sniper team are already set up in the underbrush, ready to take out that Hun Commander on the ridge!

[Apologies if the pics aren't all that great - still getting to grips with this new phone camera. Seems convenience is winning over quality where camera and lightbox set-up is concerned!)


  1. Not at all, given the size of those models the photos look great. Excellent basing on those chaps too.

  2. These look great - especially the basing.

    One question though: how do you paint those bits of wooden scenery? I know it's a stupidly basic thing to paint, but I'm not much cop with colour and at the moment I tend to just paint wood a flat brown.

    As for the snipers? I have those same models but no chance to use them at the moment (my list counts as 'mech' as it's lorried)...I've never thought of corking-up their faces though: genius! I might just steal that when I get around to painting mine...!

  3. Best title ever... ;)

    Smooth work sir, looking snazzy!

  4. @ Scipio - Cheers mate. First time I've used the official basing additions (Log, fence). Think they helped lots and will set them apart from regular infantry enough on the table.

    @ Drax - Thanks mate, yeah I remember Sea cadets as a child and us doing some sort of mock maneuvers versus the local Air Force Cadets and our troop Commander having us cork up our faces. Man, that's over 20 years ago! O_o
    The wooden parts were:
    Fence - P3 "Trollblood Highlight" washed with GW Brown wash then highlighted with the same Trollblood paint mixed with a bit of white.
    Log - Vallejo 941 "Burnt Umber", washed again with GW brown wash then again dry brushed with Burnt Umber with a little white mixed in.

    @ Levitas - ha! Thankyou sir. :)