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14 November 2012

Pretty Maids All in a Row (Part 1 - Initial WIP)

Last night saw a grand arrangement and sorting of infantry and so forth and the completion of assembly for my tank platoons aside from a little gap filling. Three infantry platoons and a Command HQ, all to be Welsh Guard, and two tank platoons which will be Irish Guard (We Celts have to stick together.). I also have the small mortar platoon to set up, but didn’t have time for that last night.

The infantry have since been sprayed with black primer and are now ready for their uniform base, Vallejo’s “English Brown” or whatever it’s called. I intend to paint these to a basic tabletop standard as I want them ready by the 30th. Or at least that’s my hope. (I can always go back and touch them up with better detail, etc thereafter.)

As to other hobby news, I’ve had a bout of burnout on my other projects. Really hard to feel motivated to get into them these past couple weeks, so they have sat unloved on my desk. Am hoping that painting a silly amount of 15mm figures won’t make that worse! :)


  1. Very nice - like the mini deadline as well. Although it's all good fun, after a little break I like to set myself the odd target to get back into it. Still not caught the FoW bug yet ... might not be long

  2. Well, I think you have enough on your plate already old boy! :P

    (Then again, so do I.... )