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12 August 2012

And Let Slip the Goats of War!

A hobby room with no tiles or carpet isn't really a place I feel comfortable painting in, so I haven't. I did manage o finish off the beastmen though downstairs in front of the telly whilst me and the missus watched various films this past week. So here ya go, the Beastmen Penitents are done. Tabletop level of paint as I've just got too many more units to work through, but even then I think I spent too much time trying to get them done. :)

They're all made from Catachan Guardsmen and plastic Gor parts. I sawed off the Guard boots, and the Gor lower legs and glued them on this took an absolute age to do and do right so they didn't look way out of proportion and completely naff.

Most of the models have Guard torsos and arms and Beastman heads. Obviously the kits don't match up perfectly and so some of the horns and hair on the Gor heads caused the fitting of the guard arms to not match up so well; so there's a few models where an arm might be a little out of place. (But they're mutants, so really didn't bug me as much as it would if they had been humans, right?)

Here's the 1st three. I the fellow on the right's legs didn't allow for "hoof-removal" and so I just left him with the Gor legs, which was okay and added a little extra variety in the unit.

Next 3, I particularly like the scar-face on the right - that's some real attitude there!

I'm trying to figure out if the one in the middle of these three is burping, or bellowing. I'd like to think burping, just cos it's more amusing. :)

The white's of the wife-beater shirts is not as bright as this picture makes them out to be. Promise.

And so were I to play a game of 40K, these beastmen would count as a Penal Legion unit, so here they are all arrayed together with their bad arse Custodian, Sergeant Lorch. (He must be a mean one if his diminutive sized self can keep this burly lot in line!)

And lastly a closeup to show that Lorch really does fit in just fine.


  1. A job very well done; time on the hooves was very well spent - even before I read the text I thought they were seamless. And the painting blends it together really well. One of the biggest dangers with things like this is that it looks like you've kitbashed and just thrown things together. But the well-chosen scale here makes it look faultless. Very impressive.

  2. Burping! He is burping for sure! I just wanted to say that these are awesome. Like Scipio said, they don't look like they are kit bashed at all, which says a lot about the care you have put into them. ;)

  3. These are some of the best beastmen conversions I have seen! Wow! Lovely! Keep up the great work!

  4. Late in replying here, aplogies...

    @ Col Scipio - Appreciate the observation. Took me a long time and some sculpting thereafter to get the hooves right.

    @ Col. Ackland - Thankyou sir. I think burping is most likely too, afterall, he's a filthy mutant!

    @ David - Appreciate the kind words. New post coming really soon.

  5. great looking beastmen Dai..

    really captures that lost and damned feeling.. also nice use of those confrontation techs ;-)

  6. @ Neil101 - Really appreciate the comment. Was so sad when I came back to 40K during th end of 4th Ed to see just how bland the Guard codex had become, I had to try to bring back some of the Rogue Trader flavour I had loved prior to that.